I blog for your product branding. I’ll write for your upcoming release and all the ones after. I’ll provide you articles for your magazine, online and offline.
I write about any subject, any branche, any sector and will even put up an extra notch to deliver you the content you are in need of.
Your community is your go-to. I cannot stress enough over the fact that your community helps your business into growing. Your community uses your products, they read your posts, they share your interests (literally sharing).
Altering an existing community in an effort to make it stronger is a powerful yet hard task. This task I am happily willing to take over from you.
Let me help you showcase your AUTHENTIC ideas.
That’s what WHILESHEWRITES is here for.

What I do, is simple. I write.

I write my own articles right there on The Writer’s Corner. But I want to write for other people as well. Think of Blogs & Magazines (online/offline/columns).

This is how we’ll work:

  1. Concept; you and I will discuss the concept you want to showcase.
  2. Strategy build-up; conducting research, fact checking, interviews.
  3. Approval or finetuning.
  4. The actual writing done by me.
  5. You proofread (if necessary, we’ll take up step 3. one more time)
  6. Time to publish.

There is plenty of room for ideas and other strategies. Anything is discussable.

So do not hesitate to contact me for more information about the article that needs to be written.

Like I’ve said before, your community is your go-to.

Copywriting comes in handy when you want to promote your business and handle your marketing strategy. You don’t need lots of words to advertise promotional material.

A few of the following promotional advertising will have your community not think twice about your products;

  1. Brochures
  2. Billboards
  3. Catalogs
  4. And more

You handle your products, I’ll handle your content.

Why do I want to credit someone else for what I wrote, you ask?

Well, as Auliq Ice wrote once –

The single greatest cause of happiness is grattitude.

Let me phrase this simply; I LIKE TO WRITE. I am a poet, a novelist, a researcher, a factchecker. I want to put everything on paper. Even if it is not for my own purposes.

The benefits of ghostwriting? Are there really any? I just know for a fact it gets the job done.

So if you have a concept in mind but simply don’t have the time yourself to write, or you don’t know how to execute a plan like this? Once again, feel free to contact me and together we’ll come up with a strategy.